2010 – 1 oz (Gold) Austrian Philharmonics

2010 1 oz Austrian Gold Coins in BU condition!
As low as $54.99 per oz over Spot!

These coins are a beautiful and profitable investment.

Low premium – perfect for any collector or investor.

Investing in Gold is a terrific way to hedge against inflation and uncertain times.

Gold is considered the money of last resort because it is not a liability or dependent on the financial state of a country to have value.

You might notice on paper money that its value is backed by the full faith and credit of the government that issues it.

When governments go bankrupt (which they are in record numbers as of 2010) gold is a safe place to store wealth.

Many people today discount gold, because over the last 50 years only a handful of governments and countries have gone bankrupt, mostly South American or African countries.

When countries go bankrupt they have a tendency to want to print money out of nothing. This causes inflation and when the general public catches on and looses all faith in the currency it leads to hyper-inflation. Once that happens it is nearly impossible to salvage the value of the currency and you start to see the prices of everything skyrocket (in terms of that currency).

One way to judge if your currency is loosing value is to compare how much it costs to buy a basket of goods. The goods you use need to be relatively common though and also goods which don’t go down in price as time goes on (such as technology). They also need to be every day items.

We like to look at the price of food, gas, clothing and basic commodities such as wood, corn, rice and eggs. When you compare the amount of each that you can buy for one oz of gold over time, you can see whether or not your currency is being debased or loosing value.

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