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Are 1/2oz Silver Coins Better Than 1oz Silver Coins?

Silver bullion coins are offered in many different sizes and styles.

The most common is the 1oz size which means:

  1. 1oz silver coins are going to be easier to buy and sell
  2. 1oz silver coins will have less of a premium

As of today silver is around $32 per oz. If prices keep going up, the 1/2oz coins may become more popular.

1/2oz coins are usually more common for higher priced precious metals. For example its very common to find 1/4oz and 1/2oz gold coins.

At this time it would probably be better to be buying 1oz silver coins, just because its much easier to find them at a good price.

Whenever you are purchasing silver bullion coins, the price is always quoted as the price over spot. So if spot is $32 and you are buying “$3.50 over spot” that means the total price is $35.50.

The “over spot” is the premium, and you want this to be as low as possible when you are buying or selling.

When you go to sell your 1oz silver coins, you will be offered a price “under spot”. So if silver is at $32/oz and you are selling “$1 under spot”, then you will get $31 for each 1oz coin.