Sunshine Minting Gold Bars

Sunshine Minting Inc. (SMI) is one of the top domestic and global suppliers of Silver, Gold, Platinum and other precious metal mint products such as coins, rounds and bars.

Many governments, financial institutions, corporations, major marketing companies and private groups outsource the minting and production of their investment coins to Sunshine Minting’s facilities.

In addition to private label minting and custom bullion coins, they offer their own line of investment grade Gold and Silver Bullion Coins, Rounds and Bars in sizes ranging from 1 gram sizes to 100 ounce bars. Sunshine produces high quality .999 pure Gold and Silver and their products are easily traded among precious metal investors.

When you purchase Sunshine Minting Gold or Silver Bullion, you can be assured that your investment is safe, because you are purchasing from the most recognized private mint in North America for the production of bullion bars and rounds. They guarantee all products for weight and purity.

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